Vacuum Packaging with High Barrier Bags

One of the main reasons for goods to become stale and perishable is exposure to air. The air around us is made up of a number of constituents, all of which are likely to react with the things around us. Vacuum sealed bags present the contents within a bag to be exposed to the air, thus keeping them fresh for long periods of time. With the increasing trend of packaged food, the present of vacuum pouches is becoming more and more prevalent.

Set the Bar Higher:
20151201Our team work endlessly to produce high quality vacuum sealed bags to make sure our direct clients as well as their end consumers are satisfied with the product we give. Keeping in mind the use of the end client as well as the perishable nature of the goods that need to be store, all vacuum food bags are lined with either cellophane or aluminum. Both of these do not react with the contents inside and thus ensure sustainability for a long time.

Vacuum pouches are also made as stand-alone bags to make sure they can be placed easily on the shelves and would be able to attract consumers to your products. The vacuum packaging technology used in our company ensures that the package is made well supported on all the sides and would be able to showcase your company to the potential buyers.

When buying vacuum sealed bags at High Barrier Bags, you can choose from a range of colors that the default vacuum food bags come in. You can take a vacuum pouch which is plain or just single toned and add a company sticker to the same, or you can ask our team of designers to incorporate your company logo on the vacuum food bags being manufactured.

Create Vacuum:
We, at High Barrier Bags, wishes to create a vacuum in the market standing as a result of which we would be able to attain maximum share using their vacuum packaging protocols. If you are looking for vacuum pouches for your products, allow us to be of aid so we can give you best quality and highest amount of satisfaction.

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Beer Bottle Labels

20151119Some of the world’s leading beer brewers are switching to pressure-sensitive beer bottle labels to improve shelf impact and to increase their market share. The no-label, in particular, is sweeping the market. Our portfolio of beer bottle labeling materials feature a comprehensive selection of film and paper labeling solutions with a choice of innovative facestocks, liners and adhesives, including Clear-on-Clear and ultra-thin liners.

Beer portfolio features 14 label constructions that meet the design and application needs of craft beer brand owners. The new portfolio provides breweries a wide range of beer bottle label materials plus the ability to create unique label shapes and utilize dynamic printing and finishing capabilities that only pressure sensitive materials can provide. The portfolio’s materials include paper and film facestocks that meet market demand for wet strength and sustainable items.

The ideal material for the popular no label look Fasson Clear on Clear provides maximum creative freedom for high quality results by blending in discreetly with the product substrate Clear on Clear films offer superior shelf appeal and are known for their ability to boost turnover in today’s image conscious society. The key to a premium beer bottle label design and premium sales Clear on Clear can provide a distinct marketing advantage for the beer industry Avery Dennison’s wash away labels easily detach from glass bottles in conventional washers without leaving any residue on the bottle streamlining bottle recycling and lowering energy costs for recyclers. Wash away is ideal for companies looking to increase the sustainability of their products while also reducing costs of beer bottle labels.

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Vacuum Bag Sealant Tapes

20151117Our complete line of vacuum bag sealant tapes seal easily to nylon film or other types of vacuum bags. These sealant tapes are designed to stick to the vacuum bag yet remove cleanly from metal or composite tools. Our standard width is 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) but we also offer extra wide sizes for use on high temperature and pressure cures where greater surface area increases vacuum safety (3/4 inch, 1.90cm wide). Always clean tool surface where the sealant tape is used to remove any release agent residue.

AT-199 is a low profile, economic sealant tape to 250°F. Black, synthetic rubber.

GS-100 is a lower temperature multi-purpose sealant tape that works well with composite or metal tools 375°F. Redish brown, synthetic rubber.

AT-200Y is an economical multi-purpose sealant tape with high tack and removes easily from metal or composite tools 400°F. Yellow, synthetic rubber.

GS-213 is recognized worldwide as the “work horse” for the composites and bonding industries. It has excellent tack and clean-up 400°F. Off white, synthetic rubber. ViewTDS

GS-213-3 is a higher temperature version of GS-213. It has lower tack and excellent clean-up on any surface 450°F. Light green, synthetic rubber.

GS-333 is designed for the composite industry to withstand longer cure times and still remove cleanly up to 400°F. Black, synthetic rubber.

GS-43MR is the most reliable sealant tape with excellent tack and clean-up to 450°F. Good on long cure cycles in an autoclave. Off white, synthetic rubber.

Air Roller 232 is a useful tool to ensure proper adhesion between the bagging film, sealant tape, and mold. Plastic roller, steel frame, and wooden handle.

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Transport Packaging Savings:Sustainable Logistics

Express Bags can be extremely beneficial when looking for an efficient way to cut costs on bulky shipping materials. Express bags are commonly made from pulp or extruded resin. These bags are great for protecting and cushioning items inside shipping containers. With the ever changing economy and fluctuating global resin and pulp markets, ensuring your use of materials is cost-effective can save your business.

Ways to Cut Costs with Express Bag Solutions

Not only do express bags prevent product damage due to shipping, they can also cut the costs of overall logistics though these methods:

  • Use one custom dunnage bag to accommodate several different sized items. This allows for bags to come from the same distributer, saving shipping costs on several bags sizes, and may even allow for a better wholesale price.
  • Reuse the existing bags. This cuts the total number of bags being purchased.
  • Bag in boxes prevent fluid explosion, puncturing and leaking during transport.

How Industrial Packaging Can Benefit Your Business

Keeping up with new automation and technology is crucial for successful industrial business models. We in customizing a solution for your company. Make sure that you are getting nothing but the best in industrial packaging.

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Food packaging marked Precautions

Since the information on food packaging is not clear cause allergic reactions after eating. Foods, there are some consumers do not know the “allergen” cause consumers unknowingly villain, for the minority of consumers, allergies can cause lethal problems, so, according to the 2012 implementation of the “pre-packaged food labels General “requirement, starting next year, the food packaging must be marked” allergens. ”

Currently part of supermarket food has been marked on the packaging of a “allergens”, but is vastly different specifications and terms. Many imported food ingredients on the label will indicate which contains ingredients cause allergies. For example, like the British production of a breakfast cereal, it is marked “not suitable for peanut-sensitive patients, contain traces of other nuts and milk”; domestic brands on the packaging also has a detailed annotated allergens, such as rabbits milk sugar packaging, it says contain allergens “dairy.” And some biscuit on, not only cited the biscuit contains several allergens, but also indicate that the production line at the same time processing of products containing wheat, eggs, peanuts and other ingredients.

But many allergens prompt wording is very vague, marked not standardized, so that consumers see a loss. For example, a section of coffee, just next to the bar with the same font ingredients stated contain milk and soy, but did not say this is the allergens that consumers are not careful attention simply do not see, hard to serve as a warning. Even more worrying is that a lot of tips on children’s food allergens done very not in place.

To enforce begin next year to identify allergens system, “pre-packaged food labels General” in eight categories listed may trigger allergy products, for example cereals containing gluten and products such as wheat, rye, barley, etc., as well as crustacean and products such as shrimp, lobster, crab, and fish and their products, eggs and their products, peanut products, soybeans and their products, milk and dairy products including lactose, nuts and fruit Jen class products. In cause allergic substance, clearly stated: If possible bring these foods or products during processing, it should use easily recognizable name in the list of ingredients, or be in the vicinity of the location of important tips.

Many consumer goods containing inappropriate body allergens, food allergies can cause a variety of physical symptoms of discomfort, the light can take medicine, or even a severe case of danger. Allergen information stated on food packaging is very beneficial to the health of the consumer to choose the right foods, starting next year, implemented, consumers must pay attention please.

Food packaging industry color

According to the inherent properties of the color of goods or merchandise, the use of color is an important visualization tool box packaging printing design with color. Product packaging is an important part of the goods, it is not only an indispensable commodity coat, plays a protective merchandise, easy role of transport, marketing and consumers to buy, but also the image of a microcosm of goods manufacturer. Color packaging design as an important element, not only beautify the packaging plays a role, but in commodity marketing process also plays an essential function. This point is being more and more companies and commodity packaging design attention.

In food packaging, using colorful and bright pink, orange, orange and other colors can emphasize the food fragrant, sweet smell, taste and texture. Chocolate, cereals and other foods, the use of gold, red, brown and other warm, gives a fresh and delicious, nutrient-rich feeling. Green tea packaging, giving a fresh, healthy feeling. Cold food packaging, the use of having a cool feeling, feeling the ice blue, white, frozen food can be highlighted and health. Tobacco and foods commonly elegant simplicity of colors, giving produce delicious, mellow feeling physically, psychologically that it has a long history of brand experience. Clothing footwear and many more dark green, dark blue, brown or gray as much weight to highlight calm and elegant beauty. It is the color of the packaging of these products comply with the physical and psychological characteristics of the characteristics of consumers, it allows consumers to make decisions quickly, to buy this product in similar commodities, this will speed up the sale of business goods.

The use of color in the packaging of the product itself by reproducing the color on the most to give people a species homologue of the association, and thus internal impression materials have a basic concept. Color in packaging design, because of its unique content, the role and characteristics in commodity marketing, marketing guru plays a silent role. This is for our packaging designers should inspire. Designers must not only pay attention to the color of the packaging in landscaping features, but also from the point of view of economics attention to their marketing functions in packaging design.

Box packaging industry, more than 80% of the information from the visual, if the packaging box design staff to grasp and use of color can directly reflect some inherent characteristics of goods, such goods is likely to become the preferred commodity buyers. Of course, there are also the opposite phenomenon, some boxed design expert bold use of color contrast, more surprising to achieve better results, but if handled badly measured, it will be counterproductive.

Packaging Design

Reusable packaging

Small beverage market has matured, competition is fierce. If you think that there have been no novelty act, you may be wrong. POM Tea Company has launched a special packaging. It launched the product itself is very special, add pomegranate juice, tea. Packing more noteworthy: drinks are commonly installed in a long strip of glass products, the above is the cover and heat shrink labels, written: remove the label, leaving the bottle. The product is about $ 2.79 a bottle, it is expensive for bottled tea, but you can get a free bottle, do not worry about recovery issues.

Unadorned on the box

Sometimes the packaging and printing is very standardized, but with some small modifications can make a difference. AMY’S KITCHEN in their pasta sauce production line to do such changes. Sauce packing a standard size jar, paste is also a standard color label. And the difference between making a lot of products in the open to the circle of its golden ring on the paper and lid. It looks like a grandmother packaged like, so when you walk through the shelf does not want to pay attention to it is immune.

Packaging design for a

Many people think we should put the product in the first place, second place packaging. However, the company METHOD PRODUCTS opposite. They put the focus from the outset in the design of the packaging, wanted to design a beautiful package, you do not have to hide it and then hide the ugly. They designed a series of high-quality cleaning supplies and packaging, can be placed in the same kitchen as decorations, or bathroom. These products are very prominent place in the supermarket.
Interesting packaging design
Interestingly, not just children packaging patents, adults like interesting things. Children occupy the mainstream product packaging design, such as bright colors, different shapes in general, the same can be used in adult products, packaging design, only these can then fine. First into the “fun” element in the packaging design industry is made liquor. You just take the time to browse the local small shops, you can find a lot of bottle labels emblazoned have horses, penguins, kangaroos, frogs, swans, and so on. Do not prepare a penguin-shaped bottle, as long as a penguin emblazoned compelling enough to make it up.

Function and role of food packaging

Food packaging is an integral part of the food commodities. Food packaging and food packaging protecting the food, the food in the hands of consumers leaving the factory to the circulation process, prevent, external factors of physical damage to biological, chemical, it can also maintain the quality of the food itself stable function, it convenience foods to eat, but also the appearance of the first performance of food to attract the consumer’s image, with the value of material costs outside. China Printing cloud platform designed to provide a one-stop online food packaging food packaging printing solutions, combined with different product requirements and provide economic, health, fast food packaging and printing solutions.

Many companies need to be printed on the packaging decorative patterns, designs or text, to make the product more attractive or more descriptive. Good packaging, make products and establish quality image, improve product competitiveness, promote product sales. Can effectively strengthen publicity of enterprises, improve corporate influence.

Food has always been more like people, food packaging is more important.

1. Protect food and extend shelf life of food

(1) to protect the appearance of food quality have certain economic benefits
Food in the whole distribution process to go through transportation, handling, transport and storage, could easily lead to the appearance of the quality of food damage after food inside, packaging, food can be well protected to avoid damage.
(2) to protect the original quality of the food, extending shelf life of food
Food throughout the circulation process, it will change the quality and deterioration.
Food itself has a certain nutrients and moisture, which is the basic condition of bacteria, mold, yeast and other production breeding, when the temperature of food preservation for them to breed, they cause food spoilage. If the food were aseptic packaging or packaging pasteurized, frozen and other processed foods will prevent the occurrence of corruption, to extend the shelf life of food.
Meanwhile, the food itself has a certain amount of water, when the water content of these changes will lead to changes in food flavor or bad. If the appropriate proof packaging technology will be able to prevent the occurrence of these phenomena, but also effectively extend the shelf life of food.
Again, the food at the time of distribution, direct exposure to sunlight and lights when and at high temperatures, are easy to make food oxidation. Color, taste and other phenomena, such as the use of appropriate vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging technologies and corresponding packaging materials. Also can effectively extend the shelf life of packaged food.

2 convenient packaged food circulation
Some packaged food containers in circulation Use Plastic Flexible Packaging. Such as bottled wine, drinks, a sense of canning, milk and other farm equipment, these packaging bottles, cans and bags of both containers. Also the food distribution and marketing tool shift. It gives food distribution has brought great convenience

3. Increase convenience food varieties, convenient to the consumer some convenience foods, with local flavor, it can be carried out only after the packaging circulation. So famous around food exchanges, increase people’s daily food category.
Again, fresh food, such as after frozen dumplings wrapped servings and preservation technology, you can easily eat people

4. Prevent contamination of cooked food convenience food, the use of special packaging technology
When the flow of food to the contact with the vessel and manpower, easy to make food contamination through food packaging after the occurrence of this phenomenon can be avoided, in favor of the health of consumers.

5. Promote rationality and food distribution planned
Some of fresh food, easy to spoilage, easy to transport the far edge, such as fruits and seafood, etc. be made in a variety of canned origin, we can reduce waste, reduce transportation costs, and promote reasonable and food distribution planned .

6. Promote competition in food, increase food sales

Food packaging categories

Food packaging can be personalized gift packaging materials into metal, glass, paper, plastic, composite materials, according to the type of packaging into cans, bottles, bags, bags, rolls, boxes, boxes, packaging can be divided into canned, bottled, encapsulation, bags, wrapping and perfusion, the entire set, sealing, labeling, marking, etc; level divided by product packaging, secondary packaging, three …… packaging and other packaging.
As more attention to food safety, higher demand in some countries for food packaging regulations more intensive management. From the implementation of nutrition standards and regulations, and other indirect additive provisions for the implementation of biodegradable packaging, electronic scanning bar codes, etc., to promote new developments in food packaging.

Many food packaging classification. Divided by techniques such as: moisture-proof packaging, waterproof packaging, mold packaging, preservation, and packaging, frozen packaging, breathable packaging, microwave sterilization packaging, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging, vacuum packaging, deoxy packaging,Plastic Flexible Packaging
,blister packaging, skin packaging, stretch wrap, cooking bags and packaging. These are all different kinds of packaging made of composite materials, the packaging features are corresponding to different food requirements, can effectively protect food quality.

Food Packaging Applications

Use Plastic Flexible Packaging of food products process includes four industries: the first refers to the production of plastic resins industry and film. The second sector is flexible and rigid packaging materials processing industry, packaging industry is the third mechanized production industry, food processing industry is the fourth industry. In the first sector is used as oil, coal, natural gas and other raw materials, synthetic low molecular weight polymeric compound, and then polymerized into a variety of resins. Thus processed into single or multi-level composite films for food packaging food processing plants.